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Predictive Priority™

Digital Reef’s Predictive Priority™ empowers legal teams to balance the demands of increasing data volumes and tight deadlines.

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Digital Reef's Pre-Review Workflow
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Attorneys need to review documents as early as possible to stay ahead of tight deadlines.

Legal teams need better tools that can leverage human intelligence with powerful software that reduces the time needed to find high-priority documents for review.

While some solutions aim to automatically code documents on behalf of legal teams, Predictive Priority™ empowers legal teams to intelligently send documents to separate review teams based on user-defined prioritization. This method ensures lead attorneys quickly receive and review only the most relevant data early in the review process, giving them better insight, faster. Lower-priority documents are directed to the appropriate review teams, with the bulk of the data either reviewed by the lowest cost outsourced services, or validated by data sampling techniques.

Digital Reef's Predictive Priority is designed to better leverage the senior attorneys. Predictive Priority helps clients prioritize their review process without the need for statistical, linguistic or search experts to reconfigure their existing workflows.
Vivian Tero
Program Director, IDC

Digital Reef's Predictive Priority combines senior lawyer input with advanced technology and heavy processing power right at the front end of the eDiscovery process to accelerate the identification of the most responsive content, directing the bulk of case data to low cost resources and saving everyone time and money.
Chris Dale
eDisclosure Information Project

How It Works

Predictive Priority is part of Digital Reef's pre-review ECA workflow and built upon industry-proven technology.

Step 1: Create a Training Set

The legal team’s case expert uses Digital Reef's pre-review searching and culling technology to quickly find and prioritize documents, creating a training set.

  • Document Clusters - Digital Reef's advanced - and case proven - analytics functionality groups documents based on similarity, enabling case experts to navigate data collections using top terms and concepts.
  • Email threading ‐ Digital Reef analyzes email conversations and helps case experts narrow in on key communication topics.
  • Sampling - Digital Reef's intelligent sampling includes options that let case experts control how sample sets are created, improving sample selection quality.

Step 2: Assign Document Priority

Case Experts quickly review the small and targeted sample set, assigning a priority to each document. Digital Reef's native file viewer and priority selection interface is similar to standard review platforms eliminating the learning curve and making the process efficient.

Prioritized documents are automatically sorted into customizable Intelligent Folders ‐ such as High, Medium, and Low - to reflect their importance to your case strategy. Additional folders and prioritization can be added as needed.

Step 3: Apply the Training Set to the Corpus

Digital Reef's Assisted Analysis finds more documents like the ones you’ve already categorized. Each document is given a similarity score, helping case experts quickly assess document selection quality.

Step 4: Validate and Iterate

The legal team's case expert validates the results and easily adjusts the training set to improve document set selection.

Since Digital Reef's Predictive Priority™ takes place in the ECA/Pre-Review phase of eDiscovery, your iterative results are more complete and accurate than competing technologies that only take place in Review using a culled data set.

Step 5: Send Documents to Review

Once the experts are satisfied with the results of the prioritization, high-priority documents are sent to senior attorneys for review, while the remaining documents are sent to lower-cost staff and contract attorneys for review. The lowest priority documents can be reviewed by the lowest cost outsourced services, or validated by data sampling techniques. Digital Reef is tightly integrated with kCura® Relativity® and supports all leading review platforms.

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Predictive Priority™ is part of Digital Reef’s pre-review workflow and built upon industry-proven technology. To try it on your next case or to see a demo, fill out the form to the right, or contact us at