Using Digital Reef's software, we're able to provide our corprate clients with legally defensible, full scale, on-site collection and processing services at significantly faster speeds and lower costs than traditional on-site eDiscovery work.

Peter Mansmann
CEO, Precise Inc.

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The Fastest and Smartest Path to Legal Review

Digital Reef provides the fastest and smartest path to Legal Review. Organizations can discover, analyze, and review terabytes and terabytes of unstructured electronic files and documents and deliver unprecedented insight into any content and format.

Using the industry’s fastest, most scalable and secure grid-based SaaS eDiscovery platform, leading companies have chosen Digital Reef as part of their EDRM system to process, analyze, review, and produce ESI. As a result, they accelerate early case assessment (ECA), increase review throughput, reduce movement of data across multiple tools, and improve the defensibility of their electronic discovery processing. Digital Reef gives businesses control of their information which can be derived from wherever it resides including emails, documents, repositories, and over 400 different types of files, including images.

Digital Reef Provides Immediate Value For:

  • Early Case Assessment (ECA) - Give the office of the general counsel the power to make fast, informed decisions about legal matters (e.g. settle or fight) while drastically reducing processing and review costs associated with eDiscovery.
  • File and Storage Capacity Optimization - lower storage costs by using advanced analytics to classify important data and delete duplicate or unnecessary information for storage reclamation.

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