Electronic Discovery Software: Digital Reef

electronic discovery software resized 600The purpose of electronic discovery is to discover digital evidence. While it sounds like a simple task, electronic discovery is far from simple.

However, Digital Reef's electronic discovery software makes it simple for you.

The electronic discovery software Digital Reef provides is the fastest, most scalable and secure eDiscovery solution. Enterprises, law firms, and litigation support service providers choose Digital Reef's electronic discovery software to help them with their largest and most complex eDiscovery matters.

Digital Reef's Electronic Discovery Software Solution

Using the industry's fastest, most scalable and secure grid-based SaaS electronic discovery platform leading companies have chosen Digital Reef's electronic discovery software as part of their EDRM system to:

-Process, analyze, review and produce ESI

-Accelerate early case assessment (ECA)

-Increase review throughput

-Reduce movement of data across multiple tools

-Improve the defensibility of their electronic discovery processing

With architecture such as Digital Reef’s, an index can be presented for searching within hours. Other eDiscovery solutions require days or even months to build the content for a case into a searchable representation.

Learn more about Digital Reef's products on our Products page.

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