eDiscovery Services

eDiscovery Services With the most scalable and open software, Digital Reef is a leading eDiscovery service provider giving users the fastest path to legal review.

Digital Reef eDiscovery

Digital Reef's eDiscovery software has unmatched scalability for in-place data identification, legal hold, collection, preservation, processing, and analysis.

Digital Reef Early Case Assessment

eDiscovery ServicesDigital Reef's Early Case Assessment (ECA) gives an in-place initial matter assessment and risk analysis for faster, more informed decisions about litigation readiness and risk.


Digital Reef eDiscovery as a Service

Digital Reef offers on-demand processing, analysis, legal review and production for massive legal matters using a hosted Discovery Center.

OEM Products

Digital Reef's File Governance Platform gives automation for active file assessments and policy enforcement for compliance migrations, preserving and archiving.

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