Using Digital Reef's software, we're able to provide our corprate clients with legally defensible, full scale, on-site collection and processing services at significantly faster speeds and lower costs than traditional on-site eDiscovery work.

Peter Mansmann
CEO, Precise Inc.

eDiscovery Processing

Fast. Efficient. Scalable.

Digital Reef's eDiscovery processing capabilities are the most defensible, efficient and cost-effective in the industry.  Through Digital Reef’s eDiscovery processing, leading companies accelerate early case assessment (ECA), increase review throughput, and reduce movement of data across multiple tools.

Unprecedented Processing Speed

ediscovery processingDigital Reef’s speed comes from a unique three tiered “grid”-architecture. The data processing workload can be distributed over various machines in the “grid”. The customer simply has to install and provision more “engines” to exist in the grid and the intelligent management layer of the software will use these resources for processing, indexing.

The “grid” architecture allows the product to scale to handle unprecedented levels of documents and to process them extremely quickly. With architecture such as Digital Reef’s, an index can be presented for searching within hours. Other eDiscovery solutions require days or even months to build the content for a case into a searchable representation.

File Flexibility

Digital Reef gives businesses an unprecedented control of their information which can be derived from wherever it resides including emails, documents, repositories, and over 400 different types of files, including images.

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