Using Digital Reef's software, we're able to provide our corprate clients with legally defensible, full scale, on-site collection and processing services at significantly faster speeds and lower costs than traditional on-site eDiscovery work.

Peter Mansmann
CEO, Precise Inc.


Enhanced Visibility, Insight, and Control for Corporate Risk and Compliance

Implementing effective information governance programs and addressing risk and compliance requirements are major struggles for many enterprises. The main reason for this struggle is lack of applications that provide business visibility and insight into the massive amount of electronic content stored on a wide variety of archives and file-based storage, created by an even wider variety of applications and dispersed across multiple data centers.

How can organizations govern information without visibility into what information exists and the content of that information? How can organizations mitigate risk and ensure compliance with privacy laws when they cannot point to sensitive information or respond to regulatory requests when they do not know which information is relevant?

Digital Reef provides insight into sensitive and regulated information—making it easy to respond to regulatory requests, manage compliance initiatives, and/or implement information and data governance programs.

Whether it's PHI for HIPAA, spreadsheets that relate to Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance, or sensitive data like SSNs or credits card numbers, Digital Reef empowers organizations to quickly and easily find and discover compliance-related information and ensure that regulatory requirements are met.

Advanced analytics automatically classify information then feed that information into governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) applications to manage it on an ongoing basis—including retention policies to ensure that regulated information is retained for the right period of time. Digital Reef can also move information to WORM storage if regulations stipulate.

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