Analyst Firm IDC's Key Considerations for Selecting an ECA Solution

David: Today’s webinar is: "Key Considerations and Best Practices for Selecting an Early Case Assessment Solution". The information you will be seeing in today’s presentations, presentation comes from a recent IDC Marketscape Report assessing the early case assessment market. We have with us Vivian Terough, Program Director for Governance, Risk and Compliance Infrastructure at the analyst firm, IDC.

Vivian provides research and strategic advisory services on information and system infrastructure technologies that facilitate legal discovery, data privacy, and enterprise governance, risk and compliance; as well as influence of regulatory, legal and risk management development on the deployment and integration of enabling technologies. We also have with us, Digital Reef’s founder and CTO, Steve Acres. Steve is a serial entrepreneur designing cutting edge technology solutions that solve complicated and very large scale business problems. At Digital Reef, Steve and his team have built the premier data discovery and data governance software solution for enterprise, government and educational markets. Steve has a Master of Science in Computer Science Degree from Boston University, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, and a Bachelor of Science Degree from Michigan State University. I’d like to welcome you both, and Vivian, I am going to hand this right off to you.

Vivian: Thank you, David. Good afternoon, everyone. I’m very excited to speak you to you today about IDC’s latest research on early case assessment applications. Over the last eighteen months, I was increasingly getting inquiries from our clients, the end user corporations, who wanted to understand what these products are, what they do and how they could effectively evaluate the various operating. In many instances, it sounded like they were comparing apples with oranges so six months ago, or late last year, I embarked on this research.

In today’s session I will share with you the key findings for the six month research. We have a lot of material to cover today, so here are the core key take-a-ways: overall, a lot of the current ECA application offerings are able to do the core capabilities needed to support early case and early data assessments. These core capabilities include search and techs analytics, as well as the ability to automate and document a collaborative process work flow for early case assessment. Lastly, to determine the appropriate architecture and solution for your early case assessment e-

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