Digital Reef Partners with Precise, Inc. to Offer Scalable eDiscovery Services

Companies join expertise with technology to provide highly scalable and cost-efficient eDiscovery solutions for the legal community

Boxborough, MA/Pittsburgh, PA - June 7, 2010 - Digital Reef, Inc., a leading software provider of a highly scalable and open platform for eDiscovery services and digital information governance applications, today announced a formal partnership with Precise, Inc., a trusted provider of electronic discovery solutions and trial support services. As a significant component of Precise's electronic data discovery (EDD) services, the addition of Digital Reef's platform will help Precise meet the needs of their corporate and law firm clients to significantly lower costs, mitigate risks, and reduce time associated with the handling and processing of high volumes of electronically stored information (ESI) in the wake of eDiscovery.

The long-term partnership will augment Precise's existing array of eDiscovery and litigation support offerings with the addition of Digital Reef's highly scalable and open eDiscovery software platform, designed to efficiently and reliably support processing and review of massive volumes of electronic data and diverse data types. Precise chose Digital Reef's platform for its speed, scalability, analytics, and portability, as well as for the flexibility provided by the tool's web services application programming interface (API). Because the Digital Reef platform can process as much as ten terabytes of data per day, it is an ideal choice for service providers like Precise who need to handle large amounts of ESI for their clients. Precise will also take advantage of Digital Reef's sophisticated analytics and early case assessment (ECA) capabilities to remove duplicative and irrelevant data early in the eDiscovery process, further reducing the volume of information to be manually reviewed prior to document production.

"We're committed to providing our clients with reliable, comprehensive eDiscovery solutions that can effectively handle all data for any case, regardless of scale," says Precise's CEO, Peter L. Mansmann, Esq. "By collaborating with Digital Reef, we're able to provide exceptional ESI processing capabilities that ultimately save time and money for our clients, throughout the entire eDiscovery process."

Added Larry D'Angelo, VP of Sales for Digital Reef, "We're pleased that Precise has selected us for our strong performance capabilities and that Digital Reef will play a large role in their electronic data discovery services. Both companies are committed to helping legal professionals get the information they need efficiently and effectively. By combining our expertise, we're providing a superior solution for eDiscovery and ECA."

About Precise, Inc.

Precise, Inc. is a trusted provider of comprehensive, cost-efficient eDiscovery and trial support services, which encompass a range of impressive technologies including forensic data collection and ESI processing, custom graphics and animation, video production services, and digital courtroom presentations. Precise is headquartered in Pennsylvania, with offices in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. To learn more about Precise's collaborative litigation support services, please visit or call 412-281-8699.

About Digital Reef

Digital Reef is a leading software provider helping corporations, law firms, and service providers with eDiscovery and Digital Information Governance. Both corporate and IT executives are challenged to find and manage the right information, at the right time necessary to respond to constant business demands such as government laws and regulations, corporate accountability and compliance, and IT digital file and storage policies. Using the industry's most scalable and open Virtual Governance Warehouse, businesses can rapidly collect, analyze, and then govern information. Digital Reef gives businesses an unprecedented control of their information which can be derived from wherever it resides including emails, documents, repositories, and over 400 different types of files, including images. With Digital Reef, organizations have a standard, disciplined approach to continuously govern information for projects driven by Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, FTC false claims, Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC risk assessments, FDA approvals, and internal IT policies for digital information security, retention, and file management. Enterprises and their law firms, services providers, and consultants across all industries rely on Digital Reef for the fastest way to transform un-managed information into valuable assets.

Founded in 2006, Digital Reef is headquartered in Boxborough, Mass.. For more information call 978-893-1000 or visit