Using Digital Reef's software, we're able to provide our corprate clients with legally defensible, full scale, on-site collection and processing services at significantly faster speeds and lower costs than traditional on-site eDiscovery work.

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Analyst Firm IDC- Key Considerations and Best Practices for Selecting an Early Case Assessment Solution

Early case assessment (ECA) is a conflict management process designed to facilitate informed decision-making at the early stages of a legal matter. Early case assessment is collaboration between in-house counsel, outside counsel, and the business client. At the outset of a litigation event, this team assembles the pertinent information to make as informed and disciplined a decision as possible at that time concerning the handling of the legal matter, whether by negotiation, mediation, dispositive motion, trial, or otherwise, despite imperfect data and without engaging in formal discovery. IDC presents the findings of their 2011 MarketScape Report on stand-alone early case assessment applications.
Download IDC's ECA Market Analysis

Cost-Effective eDiscovery - Save Up To 50% On Costs

With litigation and costs on the rise, organizations are getting serious about eDiscovery solutions. While some organizations have tried to address the challenge, only 23% of organizations have an end-to-end solution to gather and filter data. In light of that, it's not surprising that less than 20% are confident about accuracy, accessibility, and trustworthiness of data.
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Balancing In-House and External eDiscovery Resources

To better control eDiscovery, legal teams are challenged with finding the right mix of in-house staffing and outsourced services to quickly and efficiently handle discovery matters. With so many options, how can companies, law firms, and legal service providers meet the ideal balance of costs and expertise?

How can legal teams, working across multiple organizations, ensure that processes are transparent, repeatable, and defensible? Leading eDiscovery practitioners have worked out how to manage these needs and provide practical steps on how to assess, plan, and implement an effective resources strategy.
Download Balancing Resources

Burst Capacity: The Underbelly of the eDiscovery Beast

Legal teams are under tremendous pressure to process and review more electronically stored information, in less time, to satisfy demanding administrative deadlines and judicial scheduling orders. The ad hoc tools built by litigation support professionals over the years and deployed across various vendor appliances are straining under the pressure.

When the proverbial big case hits, the promise of scalability can be sorely tested. Knowing how to respond to growing demands and unplanned caseloads by learning from real-world scenarios can help companies avoid costly mistakes.
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Digital Reef eDiscovery: Analytics

Analyze and organize massive collections of emails, documents, and files with unmatched speed and precision.   Digital Reef eDiscovery Analytics lets Legal and IT professionals analyze and organize massive amounts of unmanaged email, documents, and file content with industry-leading speed and accuracy.

An integral component of the Digital Reef virtual governance warehouse platform, Analytics simplifies eDiscovery and Early Case Assessment (ECA), and improves storage, records and compliance management by enabling professionals to efficiently identify, evaluate, and classify any unstructured information and content. 
Download Digital Reef Analytics

Gain Near-Term Benefits with Early Case Assessment

This white paper examines the cost and complexity of eDiscovery and provides a detailed look at early case assessment (ECA) the challenges and the benefits of achieving ECA. It also provides an overview of the five key requirements for any effective ECA solution.
Download Gain Near-Term Benefits with Early Case Assessment



2 Minute eDiscovery: Early Case Assessment

This short video demonstrates Early Case Assessment reporting, a built-in capability of the Digital Reef eDiscovery solution.
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Video Demonstrations of Digital Reef products in action

Open eDiscovery creates a scalable, open, and collaborative environment between all members of the legal process including: corporate counsel, outside counsel, and the service provider. Openness is designed into the Digital Reef software architecture enabling the eDiscovery and IT teams to leverage current and new investments in legal hold systems, legal review software, and final production environments.

For service providers and internal eDiscovery processing groups, Digital Reef can interoperate and improve EDRM process quality with standard web services that expose and provide Digital Reef collections, preservation, processing, and early analysis functions to a wide range of leading eDiscovery products including Exterro Fusion and kCura Relativity.

Check out the following video demonstrations:

     •      Processing        
     •      Early Analysis           
     •      Review          

Data Sheets

Digital Reef eDiscovery Solution

The fastest way from information management to legal review

Benefits of using Digital Reef eDiscovery:

•    One tool for collecting, processing, and ECA needs
•    Reduced processing costs by only processing relevant data
•    Open Exchange provides seamless integration Legal Hold Notification and Review products
•    Massive manpower savings (fewer FTEs to manage eDiscovery)
•    Minimized movement of data to decrease risk of spoliation
•    Immediate benefits — the Digital Reef solution can be up and running within hours, unlike enterprise search tools that can take months or years to deploy
Download Digital Reef eDiscovery Solution

Digital Reef eDiscovery-as-a-Service and Discovery Center -- The Fastest Way to ESI Processing and Hosted eDiscovery

Digital Reef has the specialized expertise, techniques and eDiscovery-as-a-Service offering to quickly identify, collect, analyze, process, and review ESI with the highest quality standards. We understand the sensitive nature of ESI and the criticality of the discovery process, so our standards of operation extend far beyond the typical supplier/client relationship. We incorporate our eDiscovery expertise with our game-changing processing and analytic software to become the industry’s most consistent, responsive, and dependable eDiscovery hosted service.
Download Digital Reef eDiscovery-as-a-Service

The Open eDiscovery Approach

Digital Reef delivers the most scalable, open, and collaborative eDiscovery software for the entire eDiscovery team. Open eDiscovery creates a scalable, open, and collaborative environment between all members of the legal process including: corporate counsel, outside counsel, and the service provider. The goal is to establish a proactive approach with significantly reduced technology overhead and optimized speed and quality of the end-to-end eDiscovery process based on the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).

Key Features
•     Proactive, collaborative approach for the entire eDiscovery team
•     Standard software platform for legal hold, processing, ECA, review
•     Designed in scalability and multi-organization environment
•     On-premise, hosted, and portable deployments.

Key Benefits
•     Reduced per case technology investments risks
•     Much easier environment to train and adopt
•     Lower litigation risks and costs for the legal team
Download Open eDiscovery Approach

Resource Library

Cloud Services and Information Governance

The promise of cloud services is immense and alluring for enterprise and government consumers of information technology and service offerings. Storage cloud services are gaining particularly large amounts of mindshare these days as storage volumes grow exponentially within both enterprise and government environments. The hidden costs of out-sourcing storage are not obvious at first. This whitepaper describes the promise, problems and a way forward with using cloud services.
Download Cloud Services and Information Governance

The Data Discovery Challenge

With data volumes increasing at such alarming rates, organizations are having a tough time answering three fundamental questions: What do I have? Where is it? How do I get it when I need it? Download "The Data Discovery Challenge" to see specifically how the Digital Reef Software Platform has been built to answer those questions.
Download The Data Discovery Challenge

Strategies for Managing SharePoint Chaos and Legal Risk

Understanding the inventory of content stored on multiple SharePoint farms is a major business challenge for IT departments and an eDiscovery challenge for legal departments. Companies need the ability to gain visibility into SharePoint content without the hassle and cost of having to copy, archive, and search all SharePoint site collections.
Download Strategies for Managing SharePoint


Digital Reef Blog: eDiscovery and Litigation Support

eDiscovery and Litigation Support Blog focuses on related trends and issues in the e-discovery industry. The blog features posts from Steve Akers, CTO and Founder of Digital Reef. A highly successful entrepreneur, Steve has spent his career designing technology solutions that solve complicated, large scale business problems. He shares his thoughts on eDiscovery, the cloud and topics related to litigation support in this blog.
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