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File Migration Application

The fastest, most scalable way to intelligently migrate files

There has been a clear trend over the last few years of the unbridled growth of file data and unstructured content. Not only is this type of data increasing at alarming rates but also it often consists of very large files. Both of these dynamics result in the vast consummation of expensive and hard to manage IT infrastructure.

Digital Reef and ViON Corporation are partnering to deliver a file migration software solution, called ViON File Services, which addresses the challenges and solves the major problems that are costing IT organizations time, money and resources.


Press Release - ViON Announces New File Services Offering to Help Companies Reduce Network Attached Storage Migration Costs.

VION Website "The ViON File Services (VFS) system is an out-of-band NAS migration solution that combines best-in-class information management software, data migration engines, a massively scalable architecture, intelligent indexing and integrated storage.

Large gaps in file migration solutions:

  • Identifying the business value of massive amounts of files
  • Identifying confidential information in files and securing it before the information is transferred
  • Identifying duplicate copies of files and removing them before migration
  • Encrypting or compressing files before migration
  • Selected target storage system(s) and moving large amounts of files and data without interruptions
  • Support for eDiscovery and Compliance solutions
  • Lack of scale and efficiency from current solutions for all of this!

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File Discovery

Unstructured content is often created by individuals and when you consider hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of employees developing this much content, you can quickly do the math and see how file sprawl is a real and pervasive problem.

Digital Reef File Governance Services analyzes your storage systems — providing an in-depth discovery process so you have real insight to what you have stored including the number of files, when they were last accessed and the amount of duplicate file data.

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Automated File Classification

With the amount of file data that we now have in our data centers the idea of classifying all of it is daunting and if done manually would be an impossible task. However, there is great value in classifying data in order to prioritize what is valuable to your business.

Digital Reef File Governance Services provides the capability to automate file classification by analyzing your file content.

Classify content through a number of different attributes including user, document type, and the name of the document, when the document was created, modified and/or accessed and by leveraging a technology called pattern matching. 


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File-Aware Deduplication

How many copies of the same files are stored on your expensive storage systems? Users can make multiple copies and forward documents to others and so on, to the point where duplicates can be numerous and scattered across the data center. Unless you have a federated view of everything in your environment there is no way to really know how many copies of the same files you have.

Digital Reef File Governance Services discovers and analyzes your file content for these duplicates and near duplicates. You can delete these or move them to lower cost storage resulting in reduced costs and enabling you to get more mileage from your storage.

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File Migrations

Digital Reef File Governance Services solves the large scale file migration issues with migration software that focuses on the content rather than the file systems. Digital Reef will analyze your storage systems and then copy the data from one device to another non-disruptively and transparently. .

Digital Reef File Governance Services discovers, analyzes, de-dupes, optimizes, classifies and intelligently moves data between homogeneous or heterogeneous storage systems. And you can implement intelligent tiering going forward ensuring that you optimize your file content on an ongoing basis.  

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Key Features

Data Discovery

    • Quickly determine how much data you have, where it lives and who owns it.
    • Fully automated
    • Updates as new data is discovered
    • Printable / exportable
    • Share with management or build additional reports

Migration Policies

    • Intelligently migrate content
    • Move entire volumes or selections based on any criteria
    • Configure bandwidth limits
    • Re-useable policies
    • Ensure consistent application of best practices
    • Easy and powerful
    • Drag-n-drop simplicity, rich set of operations to customize migration jobs.

Customized Scheduling

    • Define when jobs will run
    • Select a date / time or simply click Run Now.
    • Schedule jobs to repeat
    • Chose from daily, weekly and monthly options.
    • Minimize business disruption
    • Use run-windows to automatically pause long running jobs during business hours.

Monitor and Control

    • Real-time status
    • Monitor individual operation or overall job status.
    • View alerts and warnings
    • Manual override
    • Pause, resume and stop controls at your fingertips.
    • Copy Operation Report
    • Provides management friendly summary of copy operations and Storage Manager friendly details.

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