Digital Reef is one of the very few firms that offers a solution with such a high degree of scalability, customizability and flexibility. With this technology, consultants, corporations and law firms can leverage one platform for their ever-changing and demanding litigation requirements.

Thomas Florey
Senior Litigation Support Coordinator

File Governance

Digital Reef File Governance provides the most scalable and open software for File Governance applications such as legal hold, file retention and compliance, and file migrations. All File Governance applications are based on a Virtual Governance Warehouse architecture that rapidly creates a virtual layer of business-ready information with integrated discovery services, analytics services, governance services, and dynamic resource management to deliver industry leading scalability, speed, and openness.  Direct, data in-place connectors allow the business to manage and govern data where the information exists; classifying information based on business policies, laws and regulations.



Digital Reef File Governance

File Governance



Digital Reef Active File Governance Enables Legal Hold, File Retention and Compliance, and File Migration Applications

Legal Hold


Active File Visibility

  • Discover and map all enterprise sources
  • Search and classify all files and content
  • Build file inventories and virtual warehouse

Active File Insight
  • Execute Content Analytics
  • Identify Confidential Information
  • Locate all duplicates and any sources to remove
  • Apply Organizational Classifications

Active File Control
  • Assemble File Policies
  • Automatically Enforce File Policy Operations
  • Run and Validate File Operations
  • Monitor, Manage, and  Report Compliance

Digital Reef File Governance Platform
With Digital Reef's File Governance and Virtual Governance Warehouse architecture, organizations and applications provide services to govern the lifecycle of the information and physical assets based on legal, corporate, and IT policies.  Now, organizations can quickly discover information, analyze it, and then take the appropriate action at scale, in context, and cross-discipline.


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