Digital Reef is one of the very few firms that offers a solution with such a high degree of scalability, customizability and flexibility. With this technology, consultants, corporations and law firms can leverage one platform for their ever-changing and demanding litigation requirements.

Thomas Florey
Senior Litigation Support Coordinator

Early Case Assessment

Immediate Visibility, Tangible Insights

With Digital Reef Early Case Assessment (ECA) you have fast access to browse, analyze and govern all enterprise information. The ECA application has a simple, intuitive interface for legal professionals to search, cull, and review and tag information. Organizations can run defensible, iterative searches that reduce responsive data sets by upwards of 80% - that translates into significant cost savings in downstream processing and review.

Digital Reef Applications

Early Case Assessment for Attorneys

  • Built in Initial Matter Assessment Reports ‐  Digital Reef automatically produces graphic, interactive reports that give attorneys the visibility they need to make economic, staffing and management decisions.
  • Powerful Search ‐  Digital Reef includes a sophisticated search at its core that delivers the capabilities that legal teams demand; keyword, Boolean, fuzzy, phrase, proximity and more.
  • Advanced Analytics ‐  Digital Reef employs sophisticated analytics normally requiring several tools. With its powerful Similarity Engine, Digital Reef delivers:
    • Email threading ‐  Rebuilds email threads regardless of collection method or email system. Threads are displayed as digital conversations to streamline early analysis review.
    • Domain Analysis ‐  Quickly discover who was talking to whom and what information was exchanged.
    • Near Duplicates ‐  Drastically reduce review costs by eliminating documents with multiple versions or largely overlapping content.
    • Document Clustering ‐  Automatically organizes documents into groups based on key terms, then displays the common terms so legal teams can rapidly identify and search key concepts.
    • Document Profile Search ‐  Quickly identify a new set of documents based on documents previously selected or tagged.

Early Case Assessment for Litigation Support

  • Processes data in place for rapid, efficient analysis ‐ Digital Reef’s open platform supports identification and analysis of ESI in place allowing users to process more content in less time while reducing risk and complexity by moving only relevant data when necessary.
  • Technical Culling ‐  Immediately reduce the processing and review volumes by eliminating documents by discovering:
    • Exact Duplicates ‐ Identify all exact duplicates across the case (horizontal) or per custodian (vertical).
    • Content Duplicates ‐  Finds documents that contain the same text, but saved in different formats. For instance, a document saved in both Microsoft Word and PDF formats.
    • File Type Detection ‐ Digital Reef can identify hundreds of file types allowing users to easily remove non-content files such as file archives.
    • NIST Files ‐ NIST or “known file types”, are files associated with operating systems and other software not typically passed on to review.
  • Built in OCR ‐  Digital Reef natively handles scanned images (JPEG, TIFF, PDF, etc)—allowing businesses to process more data in-house for substantial cost and time savings. With Digital Reef's OCR processing capabilities, previously "invisible" files become visible to data management tools and can be managed as easily as Word files.

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