Using Digital Reef's software, we're able to provide our corprate clients with legally defensible, full scale, on-site collection and processing services at significantly faster speeds and lower costs than traditional on-site eDiscovery work.

Peter Mansmann
CEO, Precise Inc.

Litigation Support Software

The Fastest Path to Legal Review

The Litigation Support Software that Digital Reef provides gives litigation support and IT eDiscovery project managers control over all aspects of eDiscovery and litigation readiness including:

litigation support software-Information management

-Legal hold





-Through built-in analytics a powerful Early Case Assessment application.

And this is provided all within one scalable, integrated eDiscovery Litigation Support Software Solution.

Why Litigation Support Teams Choose Digital Reef

Digital Reef provides the scalability and performance needed to achieve comprehensive data discovery, including intelligent culling and prioritization of responsive data quickly, accurately, and automatically, no matter how large the collection of data.  Digital Reef's ECA solution empowers litigation support teams with additional content and time required to effectively lower costs and risks.

Looking for the fastest path to legal review? Digital Reef will get you there! 

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