Digital Reef's Virtual Governance Warehouse... gives corporations insight into their information inventory for improved litigation preparedness, supervision and control over their individual eDiscovery process.

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System Integrators

Partner with Digital Reef for eDiscovery and File Governance Platform and Solutions

For on-premise, hosted as a service, and portable deployments, Systems Integrators incorporate Digital Reef's offerings into their unique eDiscovery and information governance services including:

  • eDiscovery Services- Take control of rising eDiscovery costs to quickly identify, collect, process, analyze, and review massive amounts of data without disrupting existing IT infrastructure or adding additional IT resources.
  • Early Case Assessment (ECA) Services - Give legal departments the power to make fast, informed decisions about legal matters (e.g. settle or fight) while drastically reducing processing and review costs associated with eDiscovery.
  • Compliance Services - Augment existing governance, risk, and compliance initiatives using advanced analytics to identify information assets under regulatory scrutiny.
  • IT File and Storage Capacity Management - Lower storage costs by using advanced analytics to classify important data and delete duplicate or unnecessary information for storage reclamation.
  • Records Management Services- Automatically classify information assets into retention schedules or use advanced analytics to create reasonable retention policies and kick-start records management programs.
  • Security Services - Classify sensitive data such as customer information or intellectual property to optimize data loss prevention (DLP) efforts.
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