Digital Reef's Virtual Governance Warehouse... gives corporations insight into their information inventory for improved litigation preparedness, supervision and control over their individual eDiscovery process.

Nick Patience
Research Director
The 451 Group

Law Firms

Law firms differentiate on the level of client satisfaction achieved. As litigation increases and the volume of digital information explodes, corporate clients expect their law firms to provide cost-effective and fast eDiscovery services. The challenge for law firms is that litigation support departments tend to rely on manual processes and multiple tools that slow down eDiscovery and introduce extra risk into the process. This makes it harder to deliver a high level of client satisfaction.

To deliver better client service, law firms need an eDiscovery infrastructure that allows for a high throughput of information and provides advanced analytics to assist with fast, informed case decisions. This type of infrastructure gives law firms the ability to handle the largest cases while optimizing the use of internal IT resources.

Digital Reef's eDiscovery platform enables great client service. With Digital Reef, law firms use one powerful tool to manage eDiscovery across multiple clients. Digital Reef enables law firms to:

  • Make faster, more-informed case decisions.
  • Monitor defensibility of search strategy and execution.
  • Improve associate utilization by reviewing only relevant documents.
  • Better leverage internal IT resources by using one tool for the whole eDiscovery process across multiple cases.
  • Handle large amounts of information at lower cost - savings that can be passed along to clients to increase satisfaction.
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