Digital Reef's Virtual Governance Warehouse... gives corporations insight into their information inventory for improved litigation preparedness, supervision and control over their individual eDiscovery process.

Nick Patience
Research Director
The 451 Group


The Office of General Counsel teams can easily and efficiently respond to the demands of litigation readiness, government laws and regulations, corporate accountability initiatives, and new IT file and storage migrations and modernizations.

With Digital Reef, both corporate and IT users now have a standard, disciplined approach to continuously discover, analyze, and govern all enterprise information and quickly respond to:

  • Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and eDiscovery
  • FTC false claims
  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • SEC risk assessments
  • FDA approvals
  • Internal IT policies for digital information security, file retention, file migrations and storage management.

eDiscovery projects typically span across organizational disciplines and information silo’s which require the involvement of outside legal counsel and business and IT information consultants.

With Digital Reef eDiscovery solutions customers receive the following benefits:

  • CEO’s are satisfiedknowing that ECA and Governance requirements are met
  • Outside counsel satisfaction with e-discovery tools usable by the firm and its clients
  • Reduce costs with no per megabyte charges
  • Immediate access to search and analysis without time consuming deployments
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