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Discovery Software: Cloud Data Services Part 2


As I mentioned in previous posts, the user could get into a situation where they have massive amounts of data “in the cloud” and then they have to search it to discover if their data has certain attributes that are relevant to a legal or regulatory matter.  If the data size approaches the Petabyte range of magnitude, and the user has no way of searching the data that is in the cloud at the service location, or the user has no local “manifest”  or index of what they “put away” in the cloud then they have a huge problem on their hands. Pulling all that data down merely to review or index it for search would take Petabytes of storage and months of effort to accomplish.

Cloud Data Services and The Day of Reckoning


Sorry to start the year off with such an ominous title, but one thing I like to think about is how cloud services will change our way of life. They will initially change it for the better but once customers begin using high-volume data services in the cloud they will realize that there are parts of the service they may find missing or incomplete for some aspects of their business. Users may find that they need a “historical record” of their content should an ediscovery event occur in their life.

Why we need a Cloud Data Services “Cable Box”


What we need to get wider adoption of cloud data services (either computing or storage services) is a “cloud cable box” that is “data aware”.  We all have a “cable box” that deals with the network that supplies television, data services, etc. to our homes. My thought is that we need this same kind of simple “de-mark” (as the network guys would say) to enable true “Cloud Services”.

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