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Saas eDiscovery in New York with the eDiscovery Breakfast Club


Digital Reef most recently partnered with a new networking forum for professionals to meet with like-minded individuals to learn about and discuss eDiscovery best practices in the industry and other related issues, all  while enjoying a complimentary breakfast. They call it- The eDiscovery Breakfast Club.

Convergence of Search and Applications


The recent announcement of Digital Reef and Microsoft FAST is an important one.  At first glance it might be a bit confusing since both companies provide search capabilities.  Digital Reef does provide a search engine and additionally they offer capabilities that make their search smarter than other solutions and they also have features that live above the search stack.


Links to Unstructured Data blogs worth taking a look at


I recently came across some blog posts that you may find interesting and/or helpful. They each reference real-world problems in the areas of compliance or unstructured data management. They don't focus on the same topic, but they do refer to the same problem--why managing unstructured data assets is difficult or important or both. And, they all relate, in one way or another, to the concepts of data volume complexity, location complexity, and format complexity mentioned in my last blog post.


Why We (All) Need to Pay Attention to Unstructured Data


Unstructured data is growing at a greater rate than any other form of enterprise data (see figure below: consumption of enterprise storage). And volume is not the only issue. There is also risk--litigation risk, compliance risk, and security risk--associated with the unstructured data stored on servers scattered all over corporations and government organizations. When I talk to enterprises, one of the most prevalent statements I hear is, "We don't know what we have, because we don't have any reasonable way to determine what is in our unstructured data".


A note from the Founder


I am the founder and CEO of Digital Reef, an enterprise software company that has recently emerged from stealth mode after two years of intensive design and development work on our unstructured data management platform. I started the company for two reasons. First, I discovered that the management of unstructured data was an unsolved problem at every large company I came in contact with.


My Digital Reef Inaugural Blog


I’m a senior consultant and founder for the INI Group and am working very closely with Digital Reef as a consultant, advisor and blogger. I’ve been in the high tech industry for over 23 years with a focus on the data management and storage arena and you can find out more about me at www.contemplatingIT.com. I believe Digital Reef has brought to the table an extremely impressive solution at a critical time when our unstructured data content is growing to massive levels.

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