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Cloud Computing Caveats Part I: Take Time with the Details


Switching to a cloud can save money by lowering IT and data center support costs, improving performance and scalability, and reducing storage costs.  However, stakeholders and counsel should be cognizant that cloud computing presents various legal issues around control and custody of data, data preservation and collection, data review and production, and of course, attorney-client privilege. 

Social Media and eDiscovery


Evolution of Communications: Are Email’s Days Numbered?

 (Continued from post) There are those who wonder when email will be supplanted by Facebook messaging, or LinkedIN messages, or by some social media site we perhaps don’t know about quite yet. In a recent blog post, Jeremiah Owyang writes about how he views the days of email being numbered. He writes that Facebook is often the preferred communication mechanism for avid Facebook users, and that the average age of a Facebook user is now advancing above the age of 35 years. This statistic shows that those who currently only use email to talk to “old people” are rapidly getting absorbed into the corporate world where messaging may be only handled by social media sites (read: Facebook).

Hosted eDiscovery


Digital Reef recently sat down with Charles Skamser, founder of The eDiscovery Solutions Group, to talk about the adoption of secure hosted eDiscovery solutions.

eDiscovery and Electronic Conveniences


How do electronic conveniences affect privacy? This question was a highlight of discussion on July 19 at the Masters Series for Legal Professionals Conference.

The conference was held at the Downtown Association in New York City. The event was designed as a discussion forum for legal professionals.  A series of sessions were held throughout the afternoon and topics centered around eDiscovery-related issues.

SaaS-based eDiscovery in Texas with the eDiscovery Breakfast Club


Discuss eDiscovery best practices with thought leaders in the industry while enjoying a complimentary breakfast. Digital Reef is sponsoring a meeting of the eDiscovery Breakfast Club in Houston, Texas this August. The event will be held at 8:45 a.m. on Tuesday, August 16 at the Downtown Club.

The Ideal e-discovery Platform


How do you best approach a data set to respond to discovery?

Saas eDiscovery in New York with the eDiscovery Breakfast Club


Digital Reef most recently partnered with a new networking forum for professionals to meet with like-minded individuals to learn about and discuss eDiscovery best practices in the industry and other related issues, all  while enjoying a complimentary breakfast. They call it- The eDiscovery Breakfast Club.

eDiscovery Solutions: Digital Reef's "grid"-based SaaS platform


The firm’s new junior associate sits down at her computer, opens up Internet Explorer, and logs into her email.

Electronic Discovery Disasters: How To Avoid Them


Every legal team knows how vital it is to prepare for the unexpected. However, the most important lurking crisis to be ready for is burst capacity.

Cloud Data Services and The Day of Reckoning


Sorry to start the year off with such an ominous title, but one thing I like to think about is how cloud services will change our way of life. They will initially change it for the better but once customers begin using high-volume data services in the cloud they will realize that there are parts of the service they may find missing or incomplete for some aspects of their business. Users may find that they need a “historical record” of their content should an ediscovery event occur in their life.

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