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Hosted eDiscovery


Digital Reef recently sat down with Charles Skamser, founder of The eDiscovery Solutions Group, to talk about the adoption of secure hosted eDiscovery solutions.

There are many benefits of performing eDiscovery in the cloud, and Skamser believes a top benefit is the ability to allow organizations to pay for the cost of eDiscovery on a user base monthly fee basis as opposed to capital expenditures. Other benefits, he adds, include the ability to outsource and flexibility in terms of processing capabilities.

Attorneys and IT professionals may have many concerns about hosted eDiscovery. Skamser believes that the biggest problem attorneys have today is that they don’t fully understand cloud computing. They hear myths about people losing their data or having their data stolen, and the real way to mitigate this concern is through education.  Skamser also states that an IT department’s concern will be around having their data outside their firewall. The way to mitigate that concern is through emphasizing the benefits such as the incredible flexibility and cost saving.

Who is pushing the adoption of hosted eDiscovery solutions? Skamser says it is new vendors coming into the marketplace specifically designing their technology for cloud computing.

Below is a video clip of Skamser’s thoughts on hosted eDiscovery:


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Digital Reef will be sponsoring a meeting of the eDiscovery Breakfast Club in San Francisco on “Hosted eDiscovery Best Practices”. The event will be held on September 14. For more information or to register for this event visit www.digitalreefinc.com/resources/events.


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