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eDiscovery Solutions: Digital Reef's "grid"-based SaaS platform


The firm’s new junior associate sits down at her computer, opens up Internet Explorer, and logs into her email.

ediscovery solutionsShe scans through her unread emails as she opens up a new window and logs onto Twitter. Then pops open a new window to check her notifications on Facebook. After bouncing back and forth between the open screens, she clicks on a new tab and opens up her Linked in.

In less than a minute she has  four Internet screens open on her  desktop all running at once. Yes, she is a “twenty-something” who has to be doing nine things at once. 

But multitasking, if done well, is a great skill.  It gives those who have the skill the power of efficiency.  It saves time, money, and gives us the ability to crank through any to-do list at extraordinary speeds.

The eDiscovery software Digital Reef provides is that “twenty-something x 1 million”.  It is the ultimate multitasker for legal professionals. 

Digital Reef is the industry's fastest, most scalable and secure grid-based SaaS platform.  Leading companies have chosen Digital Reef to process, analyze, review, and produce ESI. As a result, they accelerate early case assessment, cull-down data by up to 90%, increase review throughput, reduce movement of data across multiple tools, and improve the defensibility of their electronic discovery process.

Digital Reef gives businesses an unprecedented control of their information which can be derived from wherever it resides including emails, documents, repositories, and over 400 different types of files, including images.

Digital Reef’s speed comes from a unique three tiered “grid”-architecture. The data processing and search workload can be distributed over various machines in the “grid”. The customer simply has to install and provision more “engines” to exist in the grid and the intelligent management layer of the software will use these resources for processing, indexing and search operations.

The “grid” architecture allows the product to scale to handle unprecedented levels of documents and to process them extremely quickly. With architecture such as Digital Reef’s, an index can be presented for searching within hours. Other eDiscovery solutions require days or even months to build the content for a case into a searchable representation.

The ability to build an index and get results in a day or two allows case matters to be investigated quickly with fewer errors. The faster a reviewer can determine what is relevant to the case, the sooner the lawyers can make decisions about the case. In the end, speed leads to better outcomes because the reviewers are not rushed and they have better analysis options than they would with other traditional methods.


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