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Proactive Strategies for Managing MS SharePoint

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Proactive Strategies for Managing MS SharePoint

Content to Avoid Chaos and Legal Risk

Learn how Digital Reef transforms enterprise-wide SharePoint content into valuable assets by taking control of data “in the wild”.  The whitepaper illustrates the discovery and governance problems created by large amounts unmanaged Sharepoint content scattered across an enterprise. The paper will also provide short term and long term solutions for the problem.

Do you Understand the Enterprise SharePoint Content situation in your company? The AIIM SharePoint Utilization Survey results show that most companies do not.  Overcoming eDiscovery Risks associated with an unknown Sharepoint content picture is possible with Scalable Early Case Assessment tools and analytics.  This can be achieved with a tough balancing act between Legal prudence and IT efficiency.  An added benefit of a short term SharePoint eDiscovery process is a long term benefit provided by the implementation of an Information Governance Strategy with Digital Reef.

The conclusion becomes clear that enabling legal, corporate, and IT to have the visibility, insight, and control they each need will require an organized approach combined with an enterprise class SharePoint tool provided by Digital Reef.

Learn proactive strategies that organizations can implement to effectively manage legal risks associated with the growing proliferation of SharePoint electronic data and files.

* Unique insights on how an information governance strategy provides a foundation for eDiscovery and compliance driven IT projects

* Practical ideas on how to address the most typical challenges associated with electronically stored information in SharePoint

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